The Suffering of November

by Wounds of Recollection

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The debut funeral doom/black metal album from the one-man band, "Wounds of Recollection."


released December 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Wounds of Recollection

One-Man Nihilistic and Lonesome Black Metal from the United States.


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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Portrait of a Windswept Angel
One year ago today,
I gave my heart in every way.
Now this cold drives me insane,
But I'll still love you everyday.

I wouldn't give you for the world,
But the world, I'd give for you.
I hope you thought of me today.
Your portrait's all you have to hate.

Does my pain mean nothing?
I feel so disgusting.
All day I sit and pray,
that your love will return someday.
Track Name: The Suffering of November
I'm afraid I've lost her.
She's all I ever cared for.
I hope to be buried by her side.
For by her side I hope to die.

Drowning her voice out of my head,
The suffering of November never ends.
Track Name: A Longing for the Light
My mind can never forget
Your face that I now miss.

A longing for your light,
You gave me my life.
Please don't leave me here to die.
I still love you on this night.

Dear love,
I plan for you.
Dear love,
Don't leave so soon.
Track Name: Memories of a Sunset Belonging
Trudging the snow,
Where will I go?
The sun sets and bleeds light.
The murdered will still fight.
I can't go on much more,
For your sun I still adore.

The sun carries me.
Your love leaves me.
Track Name: As Winter's Coldness Approaches
Winter will come soon.
I'm still cold without you.

I miss your winter eyes.
Blue against the winter sky.
Track Name: Buried Beneath the Pine Trees
Buried beneath the pine trees,
Mourning the night you left me.
Buried beneath the pine trees,
Turning the knife inside me.

Why do I torture myself with you?
Why can't I to myself be true?
Trees trees provide with comfort.
I need to be done for.
Track Name: Remnants of a Once Burning Fire