To Traverse the Sorrow

by Wounds of Recollection

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Jeff Richardson
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Jeff Richardson I'll bet this kid drove his parent(s) crazy, pounding out his thoughts and vision in the basement of their home. Anyone can do it!
Atmospheric Black Metal Cat
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Atmospheric Black Metal Cat Quality DSBM on display here. Favorite track: When Mournfulness Consumes.
Brit Harvey
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Brit Harvey One man depressive black metal from a secluded region in Georgia? Had to check it out ... Was not disappointed in the least . Tons of mournful and beautiful melody mixed in here . Good , good stuff. Favorite track: Sunrise Elegy.
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The sophomore album from the one-man black metal project, Wounds of Recollection.

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released June 1, 2015

"64" (Anonymous)



all rights reserved


Wounds of Recollection

One-Man Nihilistic and Lonesome Black Metal from the United States.


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Track Name: A Moment of Progress
Track Name: Reconciliation for Lost Love
The next chapter,
From disaster
What once was gone,
Returned at dawn

This condolence,
Brought back by chance

Slowly the light returned
The fire doth yet burn
My hope has now restored
For loves pain i must endure
Track Name: The Solace of Restoration
The hope of restoring,
Leaves me feeling nothing.
Crying out for embracing.
I know none but my writhing.

In dark, I saw no light.
But thy light doth shine.
For thou art a blossom.
That blooms for the fallen.

Why would you return?
Return to make this solace.
For a life turned old.
Leaving none so cold.
Track Name: To Live and to Be Decimated
This life dies
Sunrise lies
I have hope
I let go

My heart
In dark

Decimate my heart
Leave me here to rot
Decimate my heart
Make it please stop

This is where i cried
This is where love died
Sitting here in love's chair
Re-collecting love's stare
Your portrait still haunts my mind
In nowhere my heart resides
Between love and joy
My heart cannot decide
Which to forfeit for my life
Track Name: If Tomorrow Brings Suicide
When the clock brings night,
I can hear her cry.
I can't control my mind.
For I beg for more lines.

When the sun brings life,
I begin to cry.
For when the clock hits nine,
I plan to take my life.
Track Name: Sunrise Elegy
Track Name: When Mournfulness Consumes
At moments of tranquil,
The loss of human will,
To live and trudge on,
For something I've not won.

Yet shades of yellow sun
Brings warmth to just one.
The heart has ways of love
Yet mourning is above.
Track Name: Into Finality